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What is this program all about?

This program not about teaching a subject. Now it is about Doubt Solving. Then?
This program is all about Mentoring. We at MathonGo believe that you might be having sufficient resources already to prepare for JEE, but you are not able to utilize them in an appropriate manner.

Let us understand this with a help of day to day example.

You go to a GYM and do some random exercises, and you expect a body such as Salman Khan or John Abraham. Will you get such a body. No. What is your immediate thought? You need a better GYM. You enrol for the country's best GYM, but still the output is the same. Now you are confused as to what you are doing wrong. The answer is, You need a Fitness Trainer. One who will push your limits and prepare you to go the extra mile.

So, How this program will actually run ?

Have the following issues ever troubled you ?

1. What should I study?
2. What should be my schedule?
3. Which chapters to be done?
4. How to manage time?
5. How to manage School & Coaching/JEE ?

And you ask yourself - "Could somebody guide me through this".

This is where we think we can help you.

Get personal Mentoring for Boards and JEE Mains (2019). What we will do?

o Help you plan your day to day schedule.
o Help you decide how much to do and from where to do.
o Help you Manage time.

And most importantly, help you have fun along with studying. We want you to enjoy this phase of your life and not to be pressurised with it.

What is the fee of the program?

And all this at just Rs 1500* per month.
Mentoring will be done for all three subjects.

*Amount not refundable.

How it will be operated?

You will be send a questionnaire asking you about your present state.
Mentor will call you to discuss in detail, based on the questionnaire.
You will receive weekly schedules on the email.
You will be mentored telephonically once in 10 days.
You can contact the mentor over WhatsApp, anytime.

Let us see the magic of working SMART.

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All slots booked