Rank Booster Program

Targeting IIT JEE Mains in April 2019
  • Revise Important Questions from Previous Year
  • Live Doubt Clearing sessions
  • Selective Questions & Video Lectures
  • 3 Predictive IIT JEE Mains Math Test
why is it important

Why is it important?

Have you experienced this - Hours may seem like seconds and months may seem like days as the time for the exam comes near. Lots of concepts to study and just a few days to cover them. With n-number of people suggesting millions of resources, your mind becomes crowded.

These are your precious days and there is no time for you to be stuck in chaos. We have gone through all those millions of resources and we know what is required of them. Hence this course.

Let us Boost your Rank with the limited days left.

score improvement

How will it improve your score?

In the last 30 days, SMART Study is more important than just Hard Work. How do we make it smart for you?

  • Course prioritises the chapters not just according to their weightage but also according to their difficulty index
  • Focus only on important topics that you should cover in the chapter.
  • Understand these topics with the help of questions from Previous Year IIT JEE Mains Exam
  • Leave topics which are not usually asked. This is how you study SMART.

crash course features

What will you get?

With this 30-days mentored program you will be following a strict schedule which will help you revise your IIT JEE Mains syllabus. We will cover the Most Important questions from the Previous Years Questions that came at IIT JEE examination.

You will be getting:

  • Video Lectures - Discussing questions & the concepts involved in them
  • Practice Questions - Limited but Selective Questions to practice
  • Doubt Solving Sessions - Live Sessions with Anup Sir

Live Sessions

You will get the Best in the Country Online Doubt Solving classes, where you don’t have to type your doubts. You can ask your doubts verbally to your mentor.

Click here to watch the demo video to know what is special in it.

  • Doubts from the assignments provided for practice
  • Live sessions where you ask your doubts verbally
  • 30 minutes - Held at night - existing coaching and tuitions not affected

Also, get preparation tips and motivation in the live sessions from none other than Anup Sir.

predictive tests

3 Predictive IIT JEE Mains Math Test

What is the Special Offering - Predictive IIT JEE Mains Math Test

A lot of time you either face too difficult or too easy questions in a Mock Test. Also, they are not similar to the actual paper that you get on the exam day.

Here at MathonGo, we have made 3 Predictive Tests - after analyzing the Math content for IIT JEE Mains in great depth. These will be 1-hour full course test and will give you a feel of the actual difficulty level of the questions asked at the exam. The score you get in these will resemble your score on the final day.

Course Schedule

Date Day Lectures Doubt Sessions
05 Mar Tuesday Indefinite Integration -
06 Mar Wednesday Definite Integration -
07 Mar Thursday Differentiation Live Session 1 (Indefinite + Definite)
08 Mar Friday Matrices Determinants -
09 Mar Saturday Inverse Trigonometry Live Session 2 (Differentiation + Matrices Determinants)
10 Mar Sunday Differential Equation -
11 Mar Monday - Live Session 3 (Inverse + Differential Equation)
12 Mar Tuesday Application of Derivatives -
13 Mar Wednesday Area -
14 Mar Thursday Vector Algebra Live Session 4 (AOD + Area)
15 Mar Friday Vector 3D -
16 Mar Saturday - Live Session 5 (Vectors)
17 Mar Sunday - -
18 Mar Monday Sequence Series -
19 Mar Tuesday Straight Lines -
20 Mar Wednesday Circle Live Session 6 (Sequence Series + Straight Lines)
21 Mar Thursday Quadratic Equation -
22 Mar Friday Permutation Combination Live Session 7 (Circle + Quadratic)
23 Mar Saturday Probability -
24 Mar Sunday - Live Session 8 (Permutation + Probability)
25 Mar Monday Statistics -
26 Mar Tuesday Set Relations Functions -
27 Mar Wednesday Limits -
28 Mar Thursday Continuity Differentiability Live Session 9 (Functions + Limits)
29 Mar Friday Complex Numbers -
30 Mar Saturday Binomial Theorem Live Session 10 (CND + Complex)
31 Mar Sunday - -
1 Apr Monday Trigonometric Ratios -
2 Apr Tuesday Parabola Live Session 11 (Binomial + Trigo)
3 Apr Wednesday Ellipse Hyperbola -
4 Apr Thursday Height & Distance Live Session 12 (Parabola + Ellipse Hyperbola)
5 Apr Friday Mathematical Reasoning -
6 Apr Saturday Revision Sheet 1 Live Session 13 (Paper Solving Strategies)
7 Apr Sunday Revision Sheet 2 -

The schedule is tentative. Any changes will be notified to registered students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by students.
If you can't find an answer for your query here, feel free to contact us.

Will it really improve my score at IIT JEE Mains?
Everything works when you work. We want you to strictly follow what is asked of you. The more closely you follow it, the better are the chances of increasing your score. There is a strict schedule that we have prepared, keeping in mind a lot of things such as the probability of the chapter or topic coming in the exam, difficulty level, the time taken to over that topic, time left for the exam etc. If not followed, we won’t be able to improve on your score.
It combines pre recorded lectures, live classes for doubt clearing and selective questions in the form of practice sheets and quizzes and also we will be providing you with 3 predictive tests for IIT JEE Mains Math. Watch the video here for more details. Click here to watch
How will mentoring work?
Each of your activity, whether it is watching lectures or solving quizzes as practice sheets are tracked. So if you are not moving ahead, we will connect with you to understand your problem and help you out there. In case you have any confusion on how to do and finding difficult to follow the program, you can connect to us over WhatsApp or over email for dedicated support (during working hours).
How to pay?
You can pay using Net Banking, Credit or Debit Card. In case you want to use Paytm, Google Pay or UPI as a payment mode, please call/WhatsApp us on our helpline number: +91 7381 521 947
What is the validity?
The program and its fee is valid till 11:59 PM (IST) 8th April 2019. It is for students targeting April attempt of IIT JEE Mains 2019.
I have registered and paid the fee, what to do next?
You will receive a confirmation email within 2-3 working hours. The program starts on 5th March 2019 (Tuesday). The login details will be provided on 5th March 2019 between 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM.
How will doubt clearing work?
Doubts related to the practice sheets we provide, will be taken in a live session. You can ask your query related to the questions in the live session.
What is the requirement for live session?
A good and stable internet connection. The necessary software required will be told to the paid & registered students.
Where will it work, desktop or mobile app?
The program will run on any device. You can watch them on desktop or mobile. But it will not be a part of MathonGo mobile app.
How and where will I get the assignments and quizzes?
They will all be available inside the platform, whose login details will be provided to the registered users.

Why we can deliver?

Anup Gupta Sir Founder, MathonGo
  • 11 Years of Experience
  • Produced 1000+ ranks at IIT JEE
  • Best Math Crash Course for IIT JEE

I think MathonGo has really helped me in my preparation somewhere. May be I won't be able to get 96 in maths without MathOnGo.

Nikhil Nagrale

Well Anup sir, your crash course was enough for me to get better scores. I got hang of every difficult topic and you made everything seem interesting and easy.

Shubhankar Singh

Plans for studying were awesome and being in touch with Anup sir boosted me to bring 88 which I feel is good for me.


My maths marks is ony due to Anup Sir. Whatever I achieved was a dream for me and my parents.

Soumyadeep Saha


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